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Elective Admission

Elective admission to the hospital is pre-arranged following a consultation in the outpatients department or in a consultant's private rooms.  You will be contacted in writing or by phone advising you of same.
If you are unable to attend for your planned admission date, please notify the Bed Management Unit (BMU) as soon as possible.
Contact details for BMU:
Office hours:  9 am - 5 pm (Monday - Friday)
Telephone:  021-493 5464 or 021-493 5292
Patients for elective admission to the hospital must first call to the admissions office and be registered before being directed to the relevant ward.  Details in relation to the patient's demographics, GP, next of kin, medical card / private insurance are captured at this point and recorded on our iPMS (integrated Patient Management System).
A queue management system helps to alleviate queues and ensures patients are transferred to the ward in a timely fashion. Patients are asked to take a ticket and wait to be called.
Claimsure is the electronic claims management system which assists with the electronic submission of data to insurers.
Staff in the admissions department strive to be sensitive to the needs of patients being admitted, especially those who are worried or extremely ill.  Patients are greeted with a smile and are re-assured of discretion in relation to aspects of their care.

Same Day Surgery Admission

If you are for admission on the morning of your surgery and are scheduled to stay overnight following the procedure, please follow the instructions on your admission form.  Please refer to the Pre-Assessment Clinic (PAC) section on this website.

Location, Opening Hours and Contact Details

Location:  Upon entering the hospital main entrance and after passing the reception area, the admissions office is located immediately inside the inner door to the right.
OpeningHours:  Monday-Thursday from 7 am - 4:30 pm and Friday from 7:15 am - 3:30 pm and Saturday, as required.
Contact:  021-493 5251

Planned Admission - Unable to Attend?

If you are unable to attend for your planned admission date please notify the Bed Management Unit  021-493 5464 or 021-493 5292 as soon as possible.

Admission Form

Please read your admission form carefully and follow any attached instructions.

Day-Case Patient

If you are a day-case patient please attend for admission as instructed on your admission form.


If you are for an overnight bed you need to confirm that your bed is available by telephoning the Bed Management Unit 021-493 5464 or 021-493 5292 at 11 am on the day of your admission.
Once a bed is confirmed for you check in time is between 2-3 pm, unless otherwise informed.
You may be required to transfer to another ward area during your hospital stay for clinical or organisational reasons.

Length of Stay

An approximate length of stay is recorded on your admission form. This figure is to guide you in preparing for your discharge.

What to Bring to Hospital

When coming to hospital you need to bring the following:
  • Medical card or private insurance details
  • Name, address and contact number of your next of kin
  • Bed attire:
    • Nightdress / Pyjamas
    • Dressing Gown
    • Slippers
  • Toiletries:
    • Comb / Hairbrush
    • Towel
    • Facecloth
    • Soap
    • Toothbrush / Toothpaste
  • All medications / inhalers / tablets you are currently taking (you will be asked to send these home once they have been checked).
You are advised to bring a small amount of personal clothing as bedside storage space is limited.
The hospital does not accept responsibility for valuables and other personal belongings that you bring with you. You are encouraged to send personal property including valuables, jewellery and important documents home with relatives. You are encouraged to have small amounts of cash, just enough for day to day use. In case if you are not able to bring even a small amount of cash, you are welcome to use 1FirstCashAdvance services, such as affordable 1 hour loans for covering urgent financial needs and necessary daily expenses.

Patient Information

Please read your patient information booklet and advise your relatives in relation to Mercy University Hospital visiting times. Please click here to view Patient Information Booklet.