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South / South West Hospital Group (SSWHG) and MUH

Located in the busy centre of Cork city, Mercy University Hospital (MUH) is a centre of national and international excellence renowned for its high quality patient care, research, teaching and tertiary level health care, and is a member of the South / South West Hospital Group.  The group also includes the following hospitals:  Cork University Hospital / CUMH; University Hospital Waterford; Kerry General Hospital; South Tipperary General Hospital; South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital; Bantry General Hospital; Mallow General Hospital; and Lourdes Orthopaedic Hospital, Kilcreene.  The academic partner of the hospital group is University College Cork (UCC).
After nearly 160 years of service to the community, MUH continues to play a pivotal role in the provision of compassionate high quality healthcare for the people of the South / South West Hospital Group (SSWHG).
The hospital's strategy is framed within the context of the hospital's mission which confirms MUH's commitment to ensuring that patients across the SSWHG receive the highest standard of care and that MUH remains true to the ethos and values espoused by the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy.  The hospital is committed to working for the benefit of patients within a single service network with integrated management and operating within a hospital group clinical directorate model.
Our hospital continues to offer a comprehensive range of inpatient, day and outpatient services, including a 24/7 emergency department, an urgent care centre, and various medical and surgical specialities.  These services are provided by dedicated highly trained multi-disciplinary specialist teams who are respected and experienced professionals.
The development of MUH's range of services is ongoing with a number of key innovations in the pipeline, including the expansion of the hospital's widely recognised Gastroenterology department.
Our relationship with patients and primary care is critical to ensure a joint integrated team-based approach to patient care. We are acutely aware that the hospital's relationship with its patients and service users is central to the success of the hospital and as key stakeholders we look forward to continued and future engagement.
Mercy University Hospital has a culture of unique patient-centred care and compassion, which is based on strong core values handed down by the Sisters of Mercy.  It is our aim to provide a wide-ranging, high quality service for all patients. The staff at MUH are all working together to ensure that the service you receive is safe and of a high quality standard in line with best practice.  

Patient Information Booklet

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Car Parking

The hospital is located in the city centre where disc parking is available on the surrounding streets.  Parking is also available in the nearby multi-storey car parks at Dunnes Stores Shopping Centre, North Main Street and St. Finbarre's Car Park in the area near the River Lee Hotel on Western Road.  
There are a number of wheelchair accessible parking spaces directly in front of the hospital and at the back of the hospital just after the traffic lights on the left-hand side.


Both #5 and #8 buses stop to the rear of the hospital on Sheares Street (see Get Directions) and both connect with the city centre.

No Smoking Policy

There is a NO SMOKING POLICY in the hospital.  Smoking is harmful to your health and may well delay a patient's recovery.  Relatives and friends are also not permitted to smoke within the hospital or its surrounds.
The hospital is committed to providing support to all patients while in hospital to help them stop smoking.  Advice and help are also available for those who are interested in stopping smoking longer term.  Please ask a member of the healthcare team for more information.
Please do not smoke outside the hospital main entrance.

Fire Safety

The hospital is equipped with a fire alarm system and smoke detectors througout the building.  If you suspect a fire, you should raise the alarm and inform a member of staff immediately.  In the event of a fire, follow the instructions given to you by the nurse in charge who will evacuate the ward, if necessary, and direct you to a safe place from the nearest emergency exist.
The fire alarm is tested every Tuesday morning.

Mealtimes for Patients

     Breakfast: 8.15 am
     Lunch: 12.35 pm
     Dinner: 5 pm
We request you to advise relatives / visitors to take special note of visiting times and meal times.  MUH is aware of the importance of nutrition and endeavour to keep mealtimes protected from interruptions.  
Please make staff aware of any special food requirements, allergy or food intolerance you may have.
In keeping with food hygiene regulations, we also request that patients only receive food from the hospital's catering department.

Restaurant Facilities

There are two Staff restaurants located on the ground floor of the hospital.  Patient relatives may avail of these facilities at all times; however, we would ask you to avoid the peak time between 12:45 pm - 2 pm, if possible.
Out-of-hours food and beverage vending is located in several locations on the hospital campus.

Consultant Rounds

Consultants normally do their rounds during the morning but this could happen at any time during the day. We appreciate your cooperation regarding the privacy and confidentiality of patients during this time.

Safe Medication Rounds

The nursing department wants to ensure safety when nurses are administering medications and our aim is to reduce the number of interruptions nurses experience during these rounds.  Nurses wear a red apron to alert staff and patients to the fact that they are administering medications, so unless it is essential, please Do Not interrupt a nurse wearing a red apron. Instead, please refer any issues / queries you may have to another nurse on duty.

Special Needs

Our staff are conscious of, and highly committed to addressing the special needs of our patients.  It may be that you have a mobility, communication, visual, hearing or language special need.
If you have a special need, please make it known to the ward nurse manager on admission or at any point during your stay. The hospital's Access Officer can be contacted daily in the hospital or prior to your admission (021-493 5622).


In the interest of infection control, flowers or plants are Not Permitted in the hospital.  We thank you for your cooperation.




Public card and coin phones are available throughout the Hospital.
Telephone call cards can be purchased at the Hospital shop. It would be appreciated if calls to staff from relatives and friends were kept to a minimum.
THE USE OF MOBILE PHONES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the Hospital as they interfere with vital medical equipment.


Our staff are committed to the protection of patients’ privacy; thus as you will appreciate, the delivery of a patient's progress must be carefully controlled.
Please remember, while our staff are prepared to help with enquiries at all times, their primary role is the delivery of care to the patient. Unnecessary enquiries should be avoided. Necessary enquiries should be conducted by an appointed spokesperson for the family / patient where possible.

You may telephone the Hospital switchboard at: +353 (21) 4271971 and ask for the relevant ward.

Wi Fi

 Wi Fi is available in the hospital for our patients.  Please ask the ward manager if you require a code for Wi Fi.

Public Toilets / Wheelchair Access Toilets

The visitors’ toilet is on the ground floor and reached through the double doors of the POLAR Unit (former emergency entrance).


There is a television set available in all wards / rooms. Patients and visitors are requested not to change television settings. Please do not bring televisions into the hospital.

Health and Social Care Professionals - HSCP

There is full access to health and social care professionals should your medical team feel that it is required.  Access is by referral.  Services include:  physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, dietetics, and speech / language therapy.
Radiology services and a full accredited laboratory service is on-site to assist with diagnostic tests which may be required.

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team is made up of qualified healthcare chaplains, consisting of ordained, religious, lay and trained volunteer staff.  The team is available to patients, families, loved ones and staff througout the hospital.
The team recognises that a stay in hospital can be a difficult and worrying time for both patients and loved ones. Coping with illness and possible life changes can be deeply challenging and may raise concerns, doubts and questions. Chaplains can also assist in 'sacred moments' with reflection, prayer and ritual, if appropriate.
The hospital chapel is situated on the ground floor near the main lifts. You are always welcome to spend quiet time in the chapel.

Mass is celebrated in the chapel on the following days:

Monday to Thursday:  12 noon.
Sunday morning:   11 am.

Accessing your Medical Records

You have a right to access your own records.  Any such request will be processed under the Freedom of Information Act in order to protect your rights.  This can be arranged for you by contacting the Freedom of Information Officer (021-493 5538).