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Pain Medicine


Services provided by the department of Pain Medicine, include:

  • Full assessment of patients, including psychological and physiotherapy in addition to physician assessment when indicated.
  • Image-guided procedures.
  • Facet joint medial branch blockage / lumbar / thoracic / cervical.
  • Classical radiofrequency lesioning of medial branch lumbar / thoracic / cervical.
  • Sacroiliac joint injection and classical radiofrequency of lateral branches to sacroiliac joint.
  • Nerve root blockade for sciatica.
  • Pulsed radiofrequency of dorsal root ganglion.
  • Epidural steroid blockade.
  • Racz adhesiolysis for complex back and leg pain and failed back surgry syndrome.
  • Ganglion impar radiofrequency lesioning for coccydynia.
  • Peripheral nerve radiofrequency lesioning for shoulder and knee and ankle pain.
  • Injection therapies for plantar fasciitis and trochanteric bursitis.
  • Neurolytic plexus blockage for severe cancer pain.
  • Intraveneous infusions for management of chronic pain.