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Mercy University Hospital was founded in 1857 by the Sisters of Mercy and has expanded substantially since its opening. Mercy University Hospital is a Catholic voluntary hospital owned by the  Sisters of Mercy and was subsumed into a limited Company in 2003. The hospital is a registered charity and operates as a not for profit entity.

Under the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the governance of the hospital is devolved to a non- executive Board who are appointed by the Members of the Company. The primary role of the Board of Directors is to set the organisation’s strategic aims, having regard to the financial and human resources available to Mercy University Hospital to meet its objectives, and to conduct oversight of management performance whilst upholding the values of the hospital. It does so within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enables risk to be assessed, mitigated, and managed. The Board of Directors is also responsible for overseeing Mercy University Hospital’s corporate governance framework.

The Board comprises of up to fourteen non-executive Directors and currently there are eleven members. The term of office for each Director is three years and a Director may be appointed for two further terms of three years (Chairman is limited to one further term). Directors are nominated and appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and typically remain in office for a six year period. The term of office of the Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson is set by the Members of the Company at the AGM.

Board membership is based on skills, experience, knowledge and independence supported by the recommendations of the Nominations Committee. Directors are expected to have the requisite corporate governance competencies such as an appropriate range of skills, experience and expertise in the governance of Corporate entities, a good understanding of, and competence to deal with, current and emerging issues relating to ethos and mission of Mercy University Hospital and an ability to effectively conduct oversight of the performance of management and exercise independent judgement

A number of sub committees of the Board, were established in accordance with the Mercy University Hospital’s Articles of Association and company law generally, in order to delegate the consideration of certain issues and functions in more detail. Each sub committee has responsibility to formulate policy and conduct oversight of its mandate as defined by its terms of reference approved by the Board of Directors. No decision or recommendation of any subcommittee is deemed valid until approved by the Board of Directors as a whole. The following sub committees are in place with defined terms of reference:

Audit & Governance - Clinical Ethics - Clinical Oversight - Finance - Human Resources and Nominations

The Directors of Mercy University Hospital give their time voluntarily to the hospital and do not receive any remuneration for their role.

Meet the Board
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Mr. Neil O'Carroll
Prof. Colin Bradley
Vice Chairman
Mr. John Buttimer  Mr. Mortimer Kelleher
Ms. Margaret Lane
Mr. Maurice O'Connor
Ms. Irene O’Donovan
Prof. Paula O'Leary
Mr. Joe O'Shea
Mr. Michael A. O'Sullivan
Dr. Sheila Rochford