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Healthy Ireland


 Please click here to view the Healthy Ireland Framework 2013-2025.

Please click here to view the Healthy Ireland in the Health Services National Implementation Plan 2015-2017.


In the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy University Hospital (MUH) provides excellent patient services to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of those we serve, and does so as a health promoting hospital.  A health promoting hospital is one in which health promotion is integral to the ethos of the institution, its structure and culture, and the way in which it is managed.

Mercy University Hospital is already engaged in many health promoting activities and its aim is to continue to help all people within its reach to achieve their highest possible level of health and wellbeing.  This is in line with national policy and the Healthy Ireland Framework (2013-2025).  Strategic priorities of this framework include action plans, supports and tools to involve and empower our staff, service users and their communities to enjoy health and wellbeing to their full potential.

We will work with our patients, as service users of our hospital, and support them in improving their health and wellbeing.  Advice, information and support are available to help make choices for a healtheir lifestyle and to improve health and wellbeing. Opportunities are also available to participate in specific programmes / initiatives (for example, stopping smoking and healthy eating).

MUH staff will be happy to provide you with specific and relevant health promoting information.  You will also find health promotion leaflets on various topics on many of the wards, departments and corridors throughout the hospital.

Mercy University Hospital also recognises that staff health and wellbeing need to be supported in order to deliver a high standard of care to our patients.  The occupational health department and employee assistance programme provide access to confidential counselling for all staff, as well as health screening and support to staff returning to work after periods of illness.

Promoting an awareness of healtheir food and drink choices for our staff and the public will be achieved, in part, through the adoption of calorie posting in our canteen.  

We have established links with mental health services in MUH to develop a programme of self-care and mindfulness training for front-line staff.

Corporate membership rates offer discounts to staff for local leisure centres / gyms; and fitness classes are available on-site to staff members.

Mercy University Hospital staff play a vital role in being positive role models and champions for the promotion of health and wellbeing messages in the working environment and also in the wider community.  We will work with the South / South West Hospital Group (SSWHG) structure in developing a group strategy and policy for health promotion and wellbeing across the region.